Brand Identity Case Study: Parklife Communications


Client Company—Parklife Communications, Hillsborough, NC

Vital Signs:  The company is two years old, led by a husband-and-wife team of veteran corporate marketers.  Parklife provides marketing consultation and content for both digital and collateral materials.  Clients include companies in business-to-business consulting and services, legal, green building, entertainment, and fine arts.  Parklife has a heavy emphasis on the cutting-edge tactics and tools in blogs and social media.

Needs—In a classic “cobbler’s children with no shoes” scenario, Parklife has built its business over the last two years without taking time to brand itself. The company needed a representative logo and brand mark, along with color and font schemes suitable for everything from business cards to social media avatars.

Trig’s Branding Approach—First step, 3C analysis, taking a holistic look at the company, its representative clients, and its competitors.  After capturing the essence of Parklife and its people, seeing the types of clients it targets, and positioning the company within its competitive landscape, Trig facilitated several ideation sessions with the principals, leading to multiple concept iterations.

During the first ideation session, Trig assembled a list of adjectives to describe the Parklife brand: progressive, kinetic, modern, playful, fun, shrewd, business-savvy, anti-corporate, innovative, and collaborative.  Our consulting team then matched up these adjectives with fonts that reflected the attributes described, giving the Parklife team multiple options.

During the second ideation session, the Trig team probed Parklife’s penchant for color. We received some great guidance here, as the Parklife team had some well-defined opinions. We were told to avoid anything too primary and corporate, but to avoid being too trendy. The color scheme needed to be modern, but with a classic feel.

After refining Parklife’s color preferences, our design team set to work on a brand mark that would serve as an iconic representation of the company in both digital and collateral-based marketing.  An early idea that clearly resonated with the Trig team and the Parklife team was the idea of turning certain letters in the name of the company into punctuation mark-like images. After multiple iterations, we settled on the truly iconic rendering of Parklife with the A and E reflective of quotation marks.  We selected the A mark for the stand alone brand mark for use in applications such as social media avatars.

Results—The results of this exercise were inspiring for the Trig team, since we enjoyed a rare opportunity to do brand work for a service company outside of our normal industry space in hardware, tools, and medical devices.  You can see the multiple renderings and iterations that got us to the final products on our case study page.

Samantha Harr